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Raffle Rules

License No.487449


Proceeds go to Chestermere Ice Edge Skating Club.  201 West Chestermere Drive

Chestermere, AB T1X 1B2 . Must be 18 years or older to purchase. - Thank you for your support!

The following are the Rules, Regulations and Draw Procedures for Ice Edge Skating Club (IESC) BIGPRIZE Raffle Total ticket value is $10,000 (1,000 tickets at $10.00 each)

1. Can only be sold in Alberta.

2. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to purchase tickets. Tickets buyers must not write the name of a person under the age of 18 on a ticket.

3. Tickets can be sold for cash, certified cheque, or money order. These shall be made payable to Ice Edge Skating Club.

4. All draws will be made in accordance with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) guidelines, and will take place in accordance with the following schedule:

5. Raffle Draw – Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 9:00 p.m. in the Dockside Pub & Grill. Only tickets purchased and paid for in full by 8 pm on Thursday, March 8, 2018 will be eligible for the draw.

6. IESC must be able to account for all tickets. Prior to the draw, IESC shall reconcile the number of sold tickets and unsold tickets, as indicated in the raffle ticket sales record, with the number of ticket stubs in the draw container, to ensure that all eligible tickets form part of the draw.

7. All draws must be open to the public. At least one executive member of IESC’s Board of Directors and one member of the public who is not a member of IESC must be present to witness each draw.

8. IESC shall videotape the raffle ticket draw(s) and retain the tape with the raffle records for two years after the draw date. 9. Tickets shall be drawn from a container that is transparent or constructed with mesh so that tickets can be seen from the outside.

10. Tickets must be manually drawn from the container in a random manner. Winning tickets cannot be randomly drawn by a computer or other random number-generating device.

11. A ticket stub containing the ticket number of each sold ticket must be placed in the draw container and be eligible to participate in each draw of non-identical prizes.

12. Prior to each drawing of a ticket for prizes with different fair market values, the ticket container must be rotated or the contents of the container agitated a minimum of three times.

13. The draw can be made by any person who does not own a ticket or a share of a ticket in the draw container.

14. The arm of the person making the draw must be “bare” of clothing below the elbow and they must exhibit their draw arm and both sides of their open hand to the draw witnesses, immediately prior to making the draw.

15. Only the person making the draw may put their arm/hand in the draw container.

16. When selecting winning tickets, the person making the draw shall look away from the container in the direction of the witnesses.

17. A record of each ticket drawn shall be made indicating the ticket serial number, the name, address, phone number of the prize-winner and the time and date the ticket was drawn.

18. Winning tickets shall be immediately exhibited to witnesses and held open for inspection until the end of the draw or until returned to the draw container to be eligible for additional prizes.

19. IESC shall retain all tickets with the raffle records for two years after the last draw date.

20. If a draw occurs and IESC later determines not all eligible ticket stubs were placed into the draw container, the AGLC is to be notified immediately. A Discrepancy Report must be submitted by an executive member of the Board of Directors of IESC to the AGLC within 3 days of discovering not all eligible tickets were placed into the draw container. The Discrepancy Report shall specify the total number and serial numbers of the affected tickets and an explanation for how the problem occurred. Normally, IESC will have to conduct a second draw with all eligible ticket stubs and award another set of prizes equivalent to the original list of approved prizes.

21. Prizes will be awarded in the draw as follows:

22. First ticket drawn, 4th prize

23. Second ticket drawn, 3rd prize

24. Third ticket drawn, 2nd prize

25. Fourth ticket drawn, 1st prize

26. Following each draw and the recording of all relevant information required by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the drawn ticket will be returned to the draw bin for each and every subsequent draw.

27. All prizes must be accepted as presented and cannot be redeemed for cash.

28. There are no refunds or exchanges on Raffle Tickets.

29. No tax receipt will be issued for any portion of the price of a Raffle Ticket.

30. Winners need not be in attendance at the draw to qualify. Every effort will be made to notify all winners, including notification by telephone, email and registered mail.

31. The winners of the prizes will not pay any fees or taxes.

32. Winners have ONE (1) year from the date of the draw to claim their prize.

33. In the event a winning ticket stub has more than one name on it, IESC shall award the prize to only one of the individuals identified on the ticket, and IESC and the AGLC are not responsible for any dispute which may arise between the different individuals whose names appear on the ticket stub.

34. In the event that a winner(s) cannot be located after ONE (1) year, and upon AGLC approval, the unclaimed prize(s) will be returned to the donors.

40. There are no restrictions on executive members or their immediate families purchasing tickets

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